“Fire consumes all life and leaves behind new beginnings in the wake of destruction. Fire takes the essence of mother’s nature and reduces it to carbon for the one thing we know that destroys all is heat.
It leaves and for a moment the black ice cold space is all that remains, yet we seem to forgive it for the dance is ‘Beautiful’
Love is an overwhelming power full of heat and consumes us as we are caught up in its emotions and the cold we feel when it is gone is the hardest thing to comprehend.
Yet we are alive and once again take another step towards the light. When it is our time we become one with the known universe and dance again among the spirits lifted up in the wake of the fire. Alive and breathing the air all around it.
My works are representations of the beauty I see, feel and live. The forces of nature that have such passionate effect on the landscape”



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Anywhere With You
Anywhere With You
Little Hunter
Little Hunter
Where I Go To Be Free
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